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Below, you'll find application materials being reviewed by the Conservation Commission during its public hearings.  While the intent is to populate this page with the most current site plans, drainage reports, and so forth being reviewed for the listed applications, the Conservation Department continues to maintain a paper, public record of information for each application.  As always, this record is available for public review during our normal business hours.  Additional hearing information may be found by using the "Meeting Agenda" link to the left.  Should you require assistance, please contact our department staff. 


James Michael Daggett for East Broadway – Site work associated with the construction of a single-family house
     Uploaded 5.18.17:     RDA Application          Site Plan


#33-NOI PSC Inc. dba Ronnie’s Oil Service for 161 Eighth Av & 168 Hale St – Installation of new drainage infrastructure
     Uploaded 5.18.17:     NOI Application Materials          Site Plan Sheet 1        Sheet 2        Sheet 3        Sheet 4        Sheet 5

#33-NOI Water Street Retail, LLC for 89 Plaistow Rd – Construction of a retail commercial building
     Uploaded 5.23.17:     NOI Application     Addition Application Materials     Pre-Development Catchments     Pre-Development Catchments     Wetlands Runoff Calculations     Drainage Facilities Runoff Calculations     Site Plan Sheet 1     Sheet 2     Sheet 3     Sheet 4     Sheet 5     Sheet 6     Sheet 7     Sheet 8

#33-NOI City of Haverhill for Water St – Restoration and stabilization of riverfront area and buffer zone along the bank of the Merrimack River
     Uploaded 5.18.17:     NOI Application Materials          Site Plan


#33-1359 JR Builders, Inc. for Delray Dr
– Revisions to proposed driveway and building footprint
     Uploaded 5.18.17:     Amendment Application Materials          Site Plan

#33-1345 Scotland Heights Realty Trust for Snow Rd - Revisions to proposed limits of buffer zone disturbance
     Uploaded 5.23.17:     Amendment Application Materials          Site Plan


#33-1418 Paul Paquette for 59 Van Buren St – Construction of a residential addition
     Uploaded 4.7.17:     NOI Application Materials          Site Plan

#33-1420 City of Haverhill for Hilldale Av (Cashman’s Field)
– Improvements to amenities at existing public park

     Uploaded 4.27.17:     NOI Application Materials           Site Plan

#33-1419 Bradford Unlimited Corp for 56 Naples Rd – Construction of a single-family house (on James Avenue)

     Uploaded 4.28.17:     NOI Application Materials          Site Plan

#33-1107 Brady Sullivan Haverhill Properties, LLC for Kingsbury Av (Carrington Estates) – Modifications to approved stormwater management systems
     Uploaded 4.7.17:     Application Materials

#33-1414 Prop of Linwood Cemetery for 476 Kenoza St
– Verification of the validity of delineated wetland resource area boundaries
Uploaded 2.2.17:     Preliminary Application
     Uploaded 2.13.17:     ANRAD Application Materials          ANRAD Site Plan
     Uploaded 2.27.17:     Additional Abutter Notification
     Uploaded 3.15.17:     Revised ANRAD Site Plan

#33-1415 192 Merrimack Street, LLC for 192 Merrimack St - Redevelopment of an existing commercial building and parking lot into a new mixed-use building and parking deck
     Uploaded 3.16.17:     Notice of Intent          Site Plans          Drainage Report          Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan          Operations & Maintenance Plan

#33-1416 Massachusetts Electric Company for 165 Water St - Expansion of an existing electric substation facility
     Uploaded 3.16.17:    Notice of Intent          Site Plans

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