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Recent Project Decisions

Below, you'll find decisions issued by the Conservation Commission for projects it recently reviewed.  While the intent is to populate this page with individual project decisions and a representative site plan or sketch, the Conservation Department continues to maintain a paper, public record of information for each application.  As always, this record is available for public review during our normal business hours.  Should you require assistance, please contact our department staff. 

For a "Request for Determination of Applicability", the Commission issues a "Determination of Applicability". 

For a "Notice of Intent", the Commission issues an "Order of Conditions".
For a "Request to Amend a Final Order of Conditions", the Commission issues an "Amended Order of Conditions" for substantial changes and a "Modification to an Order of Conditions" for minor changes.


RKACO, LLC for Centre St (Parcel ID: 466-195-14) Construction of a single-family house         Site Plan          Determination of Applicability

City of Haverhill for 259 Kenoza Av
(Parcel ID: 465-1-1) Installation of a water fountain in Winnekenni Basin          Determination of Applicability     RDA Application Materials


#33-1442 Cedars Realty Trust, LLC for 50 Foundation Av
(Parcel ID: 763-3-1B) Construction of a commercial addition          Order of Conditions         Site Plan

#33-1449 City of Haverhill for 137 Monument St
(Parcel ID: 530-6-1) Reconstruction of athletic fields          Order of Conditions          Site Plan

#33-1448 Francis Bevilacqua for Vincent Av
(Parcel ID: 531-378A-8) Construction of single-family house      Order of Conditions          Site Plan

#33-1450 RKACO, LLC for River St (Parcel ID: 534-12-23 & -25) Construction of a duplex dwelling      Order of Conditions          Site Plan

#33-1437 New England Tractor Trailer Training School for Hilldale Av (Parcel IDs: 585-431-20-C & -C6) Construction of a commercial tractor trailer training school campus          Order of Conditions           Revised Site Plan

#33-1439 Gabriel Brewster for 1181West Lowell Av
(Parcel ID: 539-439-49) Redevelopment of a residential house lot          Order of Conditions          Site Plan

#33-1433 City of Haverhill for Riverside Av - “Riverside Park” (Parcel IDs: 408-2-4 & 418-187-3) Stabilization of eroding sections of the Merrimack River’s left bank          Order of Conditions          Site Plan         


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