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Below, you'll find application materials being reviewed by the Conservation Commission during its public hearings.  While the intent is to populate this page with the most current site plans, drainage reports, and so forth being reviewed for the listed applications, the Conservation Department continues to maintain a paper, public record of information for each application.  As always, this record is available for public review during our normal business hours.  Additional hearing information may be found by using the "Meeting Agenda" link to the left.  Should you require assistance, please contact our department staff. 



Gail Fons for 393 East Broadway
- Installation of a seasonal dock system
     Negative Determination          Project Drawing:     RDA Site Plan

Benjamin & Gretchen Hardy for 16 Kristine Ln – Filling of land and construction of a pool and shed     
     Negative Determination          Project Drawing:     RDA Application Materials 


#33-1362 J & S Development for Hilldale Av
– Construction of a commercial facility for materials recycling and septage disposal        
     Order of Conditions          Site Plan:     Plan Sheet 1         
Plan Sheet 2          Plan Sheet 3          Plan Sheet 4          Plan Sheet 5          

 #33-1405 RKACO, LLC for 73 & 77 Cross Rd - Demolition of existing buildings and construction of 5 multi-family, residential units      Order of Conditions          Site Plan:     Revised Proposed Conditions Plan

#33-1410 City of Haverhill for Broadway (Route 97) Right-of-Way - Reconstruction of existing roadway & infrastructure from Silver Birch Ln to Research Dr     
     Order of Conditions
          Site Plan:     Site Plan          Revised Plan Sheets  

#33-1413 Sullivan Electric for Tamarac Dr - Construction of a single-family house     
     Order of Conditions  
        Site Plan:     
Site Plan

#33-1412 Tenney Place Apartments II, LLC for Bank Rd, Western Av, and Route 495 Rights-of-Way - Extension (1290') of existing municipal water main     
     Order of Conditions           Site Plan:   
  Site Plan Sheet 1           Site Plan Sheet 2

#33-1400 M.D.K. Realty Trust for 111 Avco Rd – Construction of an industrial building     
     Order of Conditions           Site Plan
:     Site Plan     


#33-1383 Northeast Foods, LLC for 225 Lincoln Av -
Redesign of proposed Burger King Restaurant project      
     Amended Order of Conditions         Site Plan:     Revised Plan Set         

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