Closed & Awarded Bids

Closed Bids:

 Bid #  Description
 RFQ010.18  Designer Services - Animal Control Shelter
 RFP005.18  Ornsteen Property Sale & Development

Awarded Bids:

 Bid # & Description  Company - Bid Amount
 IFB009.18 192 Merrimack St Demo  S&R Corporation, Lowell, MA - $191,326
 IFB008.18 Plaistow Rd Traffic Signals  Electric Light Company, Cape Neddick, ME - $123,825
 IFB007.18 Police Window & Masonry II  Thompson Waterproofing, Quincy, MA - $1,160,600
 RFP004.18 Landfill Solar & Land Lease  Kearsarge Energy, Boston, MA - $3,594,279 (20 year total)
 IFB006.18 Cashman Park Renovations  Bid cancelled due to insufficient funding for project
 228335.00 Large Water Meter (# 2)  Mass Installation, Inc., Norwood, MA - $$134,584.40
 IFB002.18 Sanitary Siphon Cleaning   National Water Main Cleaning, Norwood, MA - $167,475
 IFB003.18 Catch Basin Cleaning  Road-Way Maintenance Services, Plymouth, MA - $45,200
 IFB001.18 WWTF Pump Station Pipe  Kinsmen Corp., Hooksett, NH - $109,600
 227501.03 WWTF Biofilter System  ECS Environmental Solutions, Belton, TX (Pre-selction)
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