Purchasing's Office

Closed Bids:

Bid # Description
IFB 016.17 PCB Abatement (bid protest pending)
IFB 017.17 Replacement of Sewer Manholes


Awarded Bids:

Bid # Company
 RFP 013.17  Pro-Flex Administrator's LLC
IFB 015.17 T Ford Company

IFB 014.17

Mile Leak Detection

RFQ 005.17


RFP 012.17

Sanborn Company

IFB 011.17

Methuen Construction

IFB 010.17

Hopkinton Forestry 

RFP 009.17


RF 008.17

Invaleon Solar

RFP 007.17

No Award

IFB 006.17

Truax  Corp.

 RFQ 004.17

 HomeWorks Energy


Lupoli Companies

HRCCP 002.17

John Pettis General Contracting

HRCCP 001.17

John Pettis General Contracting

IFB 002.17

PJ Spillane Company Inc

IFB 001.17

Folan Waterproofing and Construction
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