Housing Rehabilitation & Code Correction Program (HRCCP) 

To request the IFB packet on an open HRCCP bid, please contact the Program Manager Matt Hennigan at: mhennigan@cityofhaverhill.com.

Open Bids:

 Bid #


 Due Date


 Knob & Tube Wiring / Electrial Service Changeout  6/28/18; 11:AM


 Chimney Replacement & Exterior Repairs  6/28/18; 11:AM

Closed & Awarded Bids:

 Bid # / Description

 Company / Bid Amount

 HRCCO10.18 Deleading/Windows


 HRCCP09.18 Electrical Service 

 McKenna Electric, Methuen, MA - $3,800

 HRCCP08.18 Knob & Tube Wiring

 McKenna Electric, Methuen, MA - $10,800

 HRCCP07.18 Roof Replacement 

 J-N-R Gutters, Haverhill, MA - $13,500

 HRCCP06.18 Deleading/Windows

 Ideal Property Maintenance, Tewksbury, MA - $6,500

 HRCCP05.18 Roof Replacement

 Ideal Property Maintenance, Tewksbury, MA - $10,100

 HRCCP04.18 Bathroom Plumbing

 Goulet Plumbing & Heating, Plaistow, NH - $6,100

 HRCCP03.18 Bathroom Wiring 

 McKenna Electric, Methuen, MA - $2,655

 HRCCP02.18 Bathroom Remodel

 Wood Construction, Chester, NH - $15,000

 HRCCP01.18 Window Replacement

 Ideal Property Maintenance, Tewksbury, MA - $6,000

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