Water Maintenance Standard Site Plan Comments


  1. A Water Service Application must be submitted, approved and all application fees paid in-full before the Haverhill Water Department (HWD) can schedule any work running the new service “main-to-curb”, “curb-to-cellar” and/ or “main-to cellar”. Water Service Applications and the HWD’s installation instruction package are available at either the HWD’s 125 Amesbury Road facility, weekdays, 7AM to 3PM of the HWD’s Billing Office, Room #300, City Hall, weekdays, 8AM to 4PM

  2. The HWD is solely responsible for sizing both the new domestic water service from “main-to-cellar” and the meter size. This will be done by the HWD at the time that the Water Service Application is submitted to the HWD’s 125 Amesbury Road facility.

  3. The HWD is solely responsible for performing all new water service taps to either existing water mains or new water mains. The HWD service taps are only performed as “wet taps”, dry taps to a new water main are not permitted. Taps on new water mains are only done by the HWD. The owner/contractor must excavate the new water service trench from the water main to the dwelling (or curb box) before the HWD will perform the service tap. The owner/contractor may provide all materials for the service tap if they wish to reduce costs. If the owner/contractor elects to supply these materials these materials must meet the HWD’s requirements detailed in the aforementioned HWD’s “Instruction Package”. Otherwise, the HWD will charge for the material it supplies in addition to the labor. Note: the labor and material fees for tapping and running a new service IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE MENTIONED WATER SERVICE APPLICATION FEES.

  4. The HWD will try to schedule new service taps as best as possible to meet the owner/developer’s request. A minimum of 48 hours lead time is required for the HWD to determine when any new service tap(s) can be performed.

  5. If a new water service is requested to be run from “main-to-curb” only the HWD will not perform this work unless the proposed dwelling’s foundation corners are staked out with road stakes. The HWD needs the proposed dwelling’s foundation staked out for properly aligning the new water service run. If for any reason at a later date the dwelling’s actual location was altered from the staked out location such as to affect a proper alignment to the HWD’s requirements, the owner/developer must pay the HWD all costs associated with re-tapping the water main and re-running the water service so that it is properly aligned. Additionally, each lot must be clearly marked with Map, Block, Lot, Unit and/or address before the HWD’s service crew will tap the water main for the water service run.

  6. New water services must be run as straight as possible to the front of the dwelling facing the water main being tapped. New water services will not be permitted to run alongside nor to the back of the dwellings. Additionally, new water services will not be permitted to run under any external structures (e.g., farmer’s porches, concrete pads, gazebos, staircases, etc.) nor internal structures (e.g., concrete slab, etc.). New water services will not be permitted to run within any unheated space(s). It is assumed that the new service will be run thru the foundation wall closest to the water main being tapped. If the new service is to pass under a foundation’s footing on the tapped water main side of the dwelling, the HWD requires that it be given a sketch of the footing’s dimensions and the attached foundation wall for reviewbefore the service is run. This is to ensure that all HWD requirements can be met regarding future service line accessibility, meter servicing, etc.

  7. New services must be laid to a minimum depth of 5’0” to a maximum depth of 7’0” below finished grade. Any depths less or greater than these must be with prior written approval from the HWD.


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